About Us

The Team Behind The Cosmos And Beyond!

Here at The Cosmos And Beyond we are devoted to making people happy and joyful.

INSPIRE, DREAM, BELIEVE.  That is our motto and we want to help INSPIRE you, to help your imagination and DREAMS become reality and to BELIEVE that the seemingly impossible is possible.  That in this way you Inspire others and help them to Dream and Believe and they in turn Inspire others and this stretches across the cosmos and beyond!

We also want to add some fun diversions and deviations to help you through the stresses and struggles of day-to-day life.

In this endeavor we try to offer unique, personal tees, mugs and gifts that help you express your perceptions and feelings and add a bit of joy and fun into your life each time you wear them or use them or give them as a gift.

We strive to be the creative minds that inspire imagination and bring daydreams to life, and a smile too.